Sipack Packaging Technology


SIPACK® offers a complete range of recyclable and plastic trays and films. Our products are properly designed to enhance separate collection and recycling, an essential tool to boost their circularity. All sealable tray and film materials can be processed on SIPACK® tray sealers and are continuously adjusted to worldwide packaging trends.

Recyclable trays - better for the environment

We supply the best-in-class of recyclable trays, convenient for customers (food safe, ovenable and recyclable with natural aesthetic) and processors (fully tested with our tray sealing technology).

These trays are made to help food industry to carry out a sustainable growth with renewable materials, a packaging conceived to bring circular economy to the next level.

Plastic trays

We can provide mono and composite plastic (e.g., PP, PS, PE, EPS EPP, PVC, PLA, A-PET, C-PET, E-PET, airPET®, R-PET)

Sealing films

We cover an extensive range of films which fit perfectly our trays’ range and SIPACK® tray sealing machines features:
  • Unprinted film
  • Printed film
  • Lid application
  • Temperature-resistant films
  • Film from renewable resources