Sipack Packaging Technology

Machines range

Tray sealers

SIPACK® offers one of the most comprehensive and individual delivery programs of robust and reliable tray sealing packaging machines, all of which are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

The most significant benefit of SIPACK® tray sealing machines lies in their high flexibility to fit very specific applications, our machines are native-designed for digitalization concepts like industry 4.0, Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI) or smart factory.

Automatic linear machines

SPK 4000C

SPK 4000C is a fully automatic linear machine with infeed belt made by aluminium pallets. Suitable for high volume productions of small sized trays. SPK 4000C has extremely compact dimensions.

SPK 4000P

SPK 4000P is a fully automatic linear machine with infeed belt made by AISI 304 stainless steel pallets. Suitable for high volume productions of small/medium-sized trays. Additional option stations are available to enhance productivity.

SPK 3000HC

SPK 3000HC is a linear machine, with a double-head sealing station which delivers very high productivity. SPK 3000HC has a larger infeed belt and more lanes for the advancement of a larger number of trays.

SPK 2000HC

SPK 2000HC is the second fully automatic in-line model of the product range. The increased dimensions of the dies allow higher capacity of the sealing station while keeping the same operating space. The SPK 2000HC is designed to increase the productivity by 30%.

SPK 1000

SPK 1000 is a fully automatic in-line model designed to minimize operating costs.
Reduced dimensions, simplified programming, the machine is designed for the addition of option stations. Suitable for medium-high volume productions.

Rotative machines

RM 8000

RM 8000 is a rotating machine with 8 dies sealing station designed for high volume production, versatile and with reduced dimensions. Recommended for small/medium size trays. 

RM 2000

RM 2000  is a space-saving model, equipped with a 2-station automatic rotating table. The molds are easily interchangeable. Suitable for medium-low volume productions.