Sipack Packaging Technology

SIPACK® provides superior tray sealing machines to meet the production needs of medium to high size processors.


SIPACK® tray sealers feature a complete multiple packaging techniques: from simple atmospheric sealing to modified atmosphere (MAP) or the attractive skin packaging.

Food Categories

SIPACK® design machines which best suit your product type.

Our tailor made solutions carry more specific options to meet your production needs.

How We Work


01Design & Develop

We automate applications through design. Every day our engineers are working to adapt our machines to ever-changing customer and market requirements.

02Installation & Setup

SIPACK® offers on-site installation and training for the initial sale.

03Service & Parts

To ensure that your machine is and stays in the best condition, our service technicians carry out preventive and reactive maintenance work. We do this both in our factory and on location, everywhere in the world.

Packaging Solution Center

New form of convenience are driving innovation in the packaging market, leading to a wider range of products, with an increasing demand in recyclable trays, driven by clients’ growing sensitivity to environmental topics.

The expanding ready-meal market is boosting demand for trays (e.g., CPET and PP plastics trays that allow direct cooking/warming).

Our team of packaging products’ specialist joint with machines’ designers could deliver the best solutions for combined utilization/sealing of plastics and recyclables consumables.

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